how to streamline your event planning

Nov 09, 2023

The two biggest hurdles for event planning is not enough time and not enough budget. I talk a lot about budget so today I want to talk about how to streamline your planning so you can do it in less time.



Make sure you a have solid checklist to work from so you know everything that needs to be done and when. If you plan events regularly or you plan the same event each year or each month, then I recommend developing one tailored to your events (if not, you can download mine here)



Use technology to keep you on track, manage registrations, automate communications, bulk create/import name badges and so much more. Plus when it comes to run sheets and briefing sheets, re-use existing templates, no need to re-do it.



Delegate and outsource where you can. I know it sounds easier said than done and we don't always have the luxury. But are there others in your team who can manage the marketing or the design, who can source specific suppliers, or who can brief the speakers.


When we plan under pressure, it never ends well, but when we have time and space to think clearly, we'll be more creative, details focused and it will produce a better event experience. 


Happy planning!


Jodie. x




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