5 [last minute] enhancements for your end of year event

Nov 16, 2023

With the festive season upon us I wanted to share 5 last minute ideas to enhance your end of year event if you need to add 'something else' to make it fun and memorable. 

1. Photobooth - always a crowd pleaser. Whether you hire a professional one or DIY it with a tripod and ring light - it gives people something to do for not much effort. 

2. Staff awards - serious or silly, its nice to have some (short!) formalities to wrap up the year and awards a great way to do this.

3. Spotify playlists - if you haven't got the budget for a DJ or band, don't just leave it to the day to put on some music - get people involved in curating a playlist (or a few) so others a part of putting together the event

4. 'Ceremony' on arrival - if you've got a theme for your event, think about how you can have an arrival moment - custom cocktail, sailors hat, lei, etc. Something to welcome guests with and enhance the theme. 

5. Instagram GIF stickers - create and upload some event specific GIF stickers for people to use in instagram stories (no more #eventhashtag)

Happy planning!


Jodie. x


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