get setup for your events in 2024

Dec 05, 2023

Sending you *all* the good vibes if you are in charge of any end of year events and festivities. May the weather, logistics, suppliers and guest feedback be in your favour. 

If you have some down time over December/January (but still have to work) and want to get ahead on any event planning for 2024, here are some things I recommend doing:

Review & Brain Dump
Look at the events you ran this year, that you will need to run again next year, and make a list of anything that comes to mind for the next one. That way when you actually need to start planning, you've got somewhere to start.

  • what would you add
  • how could you do a particular part better
  • what wouldn't you do again
  • any new suppliers or venues you've come across that could suit it
  • what other resources would help 

Create Checklists & Timelines
If you already know the events you need to plan for next year, create your planning checklist/tasks and a timeline of dates. Pop it into whatever project management software you use and then you don't need to think about it. One of the biggest challenges with event planning is feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to do (on top of the rest of your job), so use the downtime to get yourself organised and then simply follow the checklist and timeline.

Next week will be the last events insider email for the year and I'll be sharing my trend predictions for business events in 2024.

Happy planning!

Jodie. x


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